Roborobo, an Edutech company and AMD, the high performance and adaptive computing leader, signed MOU to expand global STEM education development

2024-05-20 10:00 출처: 로보로보 (코스닥 215100)

EL Saravanan, Singapore Chai Chee Site Lead, AMD (left) and John Choe, director of global business at Roborobo (right)

Seoul--(뉴스와이어)--Roborobo (CEO: Choi Young-seok), a leading Edutech company from Korea, signed a memorandum of understanding with AMD (NASDAQ: AMD), the high performance and adaptive computing leader, and will provide Roborobo products and educational content for STEM education within the ‘Digital Impact Project’, which is part of AMD’s corporate social responsibility business. It was announced on May 8th that both companies will initiate collaboration by using AMD STEM Laboratory regular courses using products of Roborobo at Roborobo Singapore Education center.

AMD agreed to provide STEM education using Roborobo’s products and educational content to all school networks around the globe that are subject to the ‘Digital Impact Project’. This is an expression of the company’s active efforts to benefit 100 million individuals by 2025 through philanthropy and partnerships that enable STEM education, scientific research, and the workforce of the future. Also, it is expected that even Roborobo’s global network which is being exported to more than 43 countries in the world, will be expected to utilize in AMD’s corporate social responsibility activities.

In addition, the two companies are discussing collaboration to jointly research and develop educational robots needed in the future STEM education fields. This is a strategy to provide a global curriculum suitable for the era of artificial intelligence in the world, and it is expected to be a meaningful collaboration for the future generation of the world by leveraging AMD’s leadership in AI and computing, and Roborobo’s expertise in STEM education content.

“At AMD, we are passionate about supporting the many talented students in our communities and encouraging them to hone their skills through a STEM education,” said Albert Kok, Senior Manager, Program Management, AMD. “We are thrilled to partner with Roborobo in elevating our CSR programmes to provide our beneficiaries with a holistic and integrated approach to learning that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.”

“This collaboration with Roborobo builds on AMD’s continuing efforts towards placing AMD technology in the hands of the next generation so the best and brightest minds can solve the world’s biggest problems for a better tomorrow,” said EL Saravanan, Singapore Chai Chee Site Lead, AMD. “By joining forces, AMD and Roborobo will develop a curriculum that is not only academically rigorous but also informed by real-world practicing experts, providing students with the necessary skill-sets to excel.”

John Choe, director of global business at Roborobo said, “This collaboration with AMD is a very meaningful project which will enable Roborobo to contribute for social contribution activities all around the world.” He added, “In line with the important period of transition to the digital education era, we plan to further expand global education projects utilizing the capabilities of both companies in the future.”


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