JTI: Combatting Illegal Trade and a Collective Approach to Sustainability Were the Focus at the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum in Seoul

2023-09-22 16:48 출처: JTI
SEOUL--(뉴스와이어)--The Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum (GTNF) took place in Seoul, South Korea 19-21 September. “Change the Conversation. Change the Outcome.” was the theme of the conference which brought together hundreds of stakeholders from across the industry, including businesses, research consulting groups, scientists, public policy and regulatory experts and educators, among others, to discuss industry trends and challenges and share best practice thinking.

Among those participating in the forum were Julian Cheung, Anti-Illicit Trade Operations Director of Asia-Pacific region, and Ana Krasojevic, Sustainability Strategy and Reporting Director, both from JTI.

Anti-illicit trade: The time for action is now

During her keynote address, Julian Cheung said that “Criminal groups involved in the illegal tobacco trade, siphon much-needed tax revenue from state budgets. They don’t comply with laws and regulations and, therefore, taxpayers, governments and legitimate businesses are all paying a hefty price.”

She went on to say that “Billions of dollars in revenue are lost to this criminal activity. And, in fact, in 2019, the World Bank estimated the cost to government was a staggering US$40 to 50 billion annually.”

According to Cheung, “There is an eminent need for greater international cooperation between government agencies, industry, and law enforcement in tackling and disrupting criminal networks since criminal gangs know no borders.”

In closing her keynote, Cheung emphatically stated, “Let’s shift the narrative surrounding illegal trade and act together. Through innovative strategies, cooperation, and a focus on disrupting the financial foundations of these criminal networks, we can curtail the illegal tobacco trade, and safeguard our communities and economies.”

Sustainability is everyone’s business

On the “Pathways to Sustainability” panel, Ana Krasojevic talked about how JTI has taken sustainability to the next evolutionary stage, by reprioritizing the areas of focus and developing a new governance model. And more importantly, she said that a sustainability mindset is a strategic core of the company, across all employees, and with key partners in our supply chain. In closing, Krasojevic emphasized the need for collective action, and that “sustainability is everyone’s business.”

About GTNF

The GTNF is the global exchange for views and ideas between public health experts, government representatives, the industry and investors. It was founded in Rio de Janeiro in 2008 to promote dialogue and shape the future together. Since then, it has traveled the world to accomplish the same. Each year, the GTNF features a growing lineup of influential voices charting historic transformation. We aspire to offer more expert panels, more keynote speakers and more diverse viewpoints than ever before. For more information on GTNF and the information presented there, please visit: www.gtnf.org/

About JTI

JTI is a leading international tobacco and vaping company selling its products in more than 130 countries. It is the global owner of both Winston, the number two cigarette brand in the world, and Camel, outside the USA. Other global brands include MEVIUS and LD. JTI is also a major player in the international vaping market with its heated tobacco brand, Ploom, and e-cigarette brand, Logic. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the Company employs about 46,000 people and was awarded Global Top Employer for the ninth consecutive year in 2023. JTI is a member of the JT Group of Companies. For more information visit www.jti.com.

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