South Korea’s Digital Economy Now Covered by Similarweb

In addition to viewing global online activity, companies seeking insights on digital market share can now filter for activity from within the Republic of Korea

2023-03-19 13:46 출처: Similarweb (뉴욕증권거래소 SMWB)
SINGAPORE--(뉴스와이어)--Similarweb’s monitoring of the digital world now includes the ability for business leaders and market analysts to focus specifically on activity from within South Korea.

Similarweb’s customers use its tools to analyze markets, investments, business opportunities and more using data about traffic and engagement with websites and apps, worldwide and filtered for more than 200 countries - with the Republic of Korea now joining that list.

“Our clients from around the world, and particularly the APAC region, have been clamoring for data on the South Korea market for some time, and I’m pleased to say we’ve put in the work to deliver high-quality data about this critical market,” said Uri Snyder, Senior Vice President for APAC at Similarweb. “South Korea is the fourth largest economy in Asia and the 13th largest in the world by GDP, not to mention the sixth largest for e-commerce.”

The Republic of Korea country filter now appears on the drop-down list for Similarweb tools including Web Market Analysis, Website Analysis, Segment Analysis, Company Analysis, and App Analysis (Premium). Coverage is being introduced with 24 months of historical data for websites and 15 months for apps. Similarweb is currently expanding coverage of APAC.

“Understanding market dynamics, digital strategies, and digital performance of established players and disruptors in Korea can create amazing growth opportunities,” Snyder said. “For example, we can see that the Fashion and Apparel industry in South Korea achieved an approximate YoY digital growth rate of +14%, which is the second-highest globally for this category, trailing only India. Imagine what your company can achieve with a better understanding of where growth is occurring in the digital world - and how your company is performing in comparison with its competitors.”

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